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2,000 Signed Retainers in 60 Days

Elrod Pope is a firm with deep roots and a solid reputation in their area, so their area was dealing with environmental pollution from an out-of-state company, a large class-action case began taking shape. Because of their long history in the community, Elrod Pope was the obvious choice to begin signing up plaintiffs, however they needed a way to quickly and reliably generate qualified leads.

First, we developed a specific targeting strategy

We studied the case at hand in detail, so that we could pinpoint the exact plaintiff they were looking for. This was crucial in this case as they were only looking for folks that would qualify for the class action, and any traffic outside of that would drive up ad costs.

Once we quickly determined how to target the exact clients they were looking to sign, we got to work.

Then, we built a highly optimized campaign

We used Facebook, Google Ads, and Retargeting to generate as many qualified visitors as possible, and lead them to a highly optimized and informative landing page, in order to convert them as efficiently as possible.

Testing multiple different versions of the ad creatives, landing page, and language resulted in a steadily increasing conversion rate throughout our campaign, which in turn maximized Elrod Pope’s ad spend.

The Result?

2,000 Signed Cases in 60 Days

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