Bobby Jones Law

Multiple 7-Figure Cases Signed in 1st Year

Bobby Jones Law is a solo practitioner, who focuses primarily on catastrophic injuries, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death cases. When he came to us, he was depending on other firms to refer him these types of cases.


First, we built a killer website

Our website development team created a custom website unique to Bobby’s firm that works great on both desktop and mobile, accurately reflects his values, and efficiently converts visitors into inbound leads. Since Bobby works with Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death clients, we created a strategy for him that emphasizes his in-depth knowledge and experience working these types of highly specific cases.

Then we filled it with high-quality content

Our content strategists then went to work filling his website with world-class legal content targeted to Bobby Jones’ highly-specific desired practice areas, and our SEO team optimized that content to ensure he dominated searches for his ideal clients. We made sure that his content got deep into the intricacies of his main areas of practice because medical malpractice and wrongful death clients have a much longer research and consideration phase, unlike car accidents who usually hire based on urgency.

SEO Results:

Through our efforts, we were able to achieve top 3 placements in:

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse

Wrongful Death

We also created in-depth video testimonials

Our video team created in-depth testimonial videos for some of Bobby’s most meaningful cases. Wrongful death and medical malpractice cases have a longer consideration process than other case types, so we opted for longer more in-depth testimonials to ensure his potential clients – who are going through extremely traumatic life events – can understand his level of attention and expertise in handling cases like theirs.

The Result:

7-Figure Cases

Multiple 7-Figure Cases Signed in 1st Year

In just the first year of his campaign, Bobby Jones Law has generated and signed multiple 7-figure cases on his own, with no referring firm, and continues to do so.

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